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"I believe that each person that wants to learn is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially."
- Dr. Bailey, CEO & President
More Than Just a Leadership Consulting Service Provider
"Thank you for the great session... I really enjoyed meeting you and I will put your ideas to work starting this morning. "

Leadership and Staff Development

People and organizations grow when they intentionally pursue goals that stretch their skills and test their mettle. Great leaders are opportunity-creators—they open doors of opportunity for others.  Our team of dedicated and qualified professionals, both in business and in life, will bring experience, industry know-how, and a high IQ for cultivating a leadership learning culture.
Feel confident knowing that as a BCG - North America partner, you will have the following supporting your organization:
  • Over 50 years of collective experience in higher education, nonprofit management, and government & law operations.
  • Certified Professionals in Learning Performance (CPLP). 
  • Advanced formal education in organizational leadership, human resources, education, business, psychology, and law.
  • A team equipped to handle multi-site locations across North America and parts of Canada.
  • Regular ongoing support during and after our services have been fully implemented
  • A 'Satisfaction' Promise on the timely delivery and execution of all programs and services.
  • A World Class Customer Service Experience.
In order to cultivate a learning culture, an organization must prepare a foundation where leaders and staff can grow and develop.  So whether it's succession planning, strategic thinking, becoming a better listener, or increasing one's leadership presence, BCG - NA will help our partners move towards that goal.  
If you have any questions, please contact us and let's discuss those plans and goals in greater detail.  
Training & Curriculum Design

Strategic Design & Innovation Implementation

Innovation is the process of taking an idea and putting it into practice. Creativity, on the other hand, is what you do in your head to generate the idea, an idea that meets three criteria: An innovative idea must be new, useful, and surprising. New means that no one else has done it before. Useful means that it delivers some new value for you or your customers. And surprising, it means that the market will be delighted with your latest innovation.
We've earned the trust of our peers and partners in this area of expertise proudly offering:
  • 25 years experience in design & innovation.
  • Certified professionals in all areas of system design to new product implementation.
  • Unique strategic design that align with key performance indicators.
  • Ongoing support to ensure plans are fully optimal and executed.
  • Automatic upgrades of technology innovations so that your platforms remain competitive and relevant.
  • Industry 'know-how' and a spirit of excellence that our partners have come to expect.
Most people think the way you create an idea is to start with a well-formed problem and then brainstorm a solution to it. What if you turned that around 180 degrees? It sounds counterintuitive, but you really can innovate by starting with the solution and then work backwards to the problem.


Client Testimonials

 “The superlatives that I can share about what these consultants did for our organization don’t do justice to the value they brought to my team. They were quite cerebral and analytical, but what separated them was their ability to analyze information and implement actionable strategies.” – T. Wiecz, Director Enrollment Management 
 “Their staff are exceptional leaders who were able to spend time to understand how to improve business goals by increasing employee skill set, knowledge and overall work environment satisfaction. In a training capacity, they were humble, listened openly to our needs, and helped us overcome obstacles.  Their formal training in education and business was evident in helping us to turn our employee needs into tangible training tool sets that we deployed companywide to increase KPI's and ROI.” - C. Stahl,
Enrollment Management 
 “They exemplified a leader mentality from the moment they hit the floor. We often define a leader as someone “in the lead” or in front of others, someone who’s been promoted and asked to take charge, or someone with more tenure than others. They lead in the purest sense. They took the time to know what motivated our staff.  They cared about their growth and welfare, They sharpened our technical skills, and buillt a trusting, supportive, and honest relationships with the staff. I am pleased and honored to endorse BCG as a subject matter expert. “
- B. Wis, Pfizer Inc