Pricing and Scope

Services can be provided as a suite or as individual components.  We build and base our services depending on the size and scope of the project hours, the duration of the project, and the ongoing support needed once a project has been successfully launched and executed.  

  1. Team Building & Coaching
    Whether a small or large group, our pricing will be based on a per person basis. Larger groups can benefit from flat solution pricing leveraging technology to reduce unnecessary spending.
  2. Live or Virtual Workshops
    Approximately 3 - 4 hours of creation time per topic to customize an archive of live or virtual training workshops that your organization will own and access as needed.
  3. Leadership Development
    An assessment is conducted first, which takes approximately 1 - 2 hours. Once completed, a thorough curriculum will be developed which usually takes 8 - 10 hours per person. We will also work collaboratively with your HR Dept. to ensure that proper protocols are being followed.
  4. Live Support
    Live or virtual support is included with all services, big or small. As a Partner, our goal is to build your organization as an internal subject matter expert (SME).
  5. Curriculum Design & Implementation
    This can be based on the individual, department, or organization as a whole. The project time will vary depending on the complexity, depth, and scope of the design and program outcomes.
  6. Career Leveling & Succession Planning
    Creating a culture that believes in promoting from within requires clear development and succession planning. These projects are usually 3 - 6 months in development and delivery.
  7. Webinars (Live or Virtual)
    We will provide a list of BCG - North America authenticated webinars in a variety of categories for you to choose. Pricing will depend on the number of contracted webinars, either live or virtual. Partners will maintain a customized version to include in their newly developed training library.
  8. Technology Innovation & Implementation
    Finding ways to make existing systems more efficient or adding a complimentary tool to help drive productivity and efficiency is a case by case scenario. No system should be a "one size fits all" solution. The evaluation, development and deployment of a system can range from 3 - 9 months depending on the structure of operations and the end-users.
Complimentary Consultation

Investing in the health of your department, organization, or institution is a commitment that should not be taken lightly.  Allow BCG - North America to provide a complimentary consultation to your site leaders.  Our goal is to listen first so that we can collaboratively begin the process of translating your vision into reality.  

Contact us today to set up your complimentary consultation.